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Experienced Illinois Criminal Defense Attorneys Provide Skilled Advocacy

Knowledgeable lawyers represent accused individuals in the Downers Grove area

If you have been charged with a crime in the Downers Grove area or any part of Illinois, hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney can ensure that your case is given the time and attention it deserves. The attorneys at The Chicagoland Law Firm provide dedicated support to each client we represent. We are intimately familiar with all facets of the Illinois criminal justice system, and backed by that knowledge and experience, we are able to guide you through the process while ensuring you understand your legal options. Our results-oriented approach is intended to help clients move past the difficulty of their criminal charges and onto the next chapter of their lives.

Respected Illinois firm seeks dismissals, exoneration and fair plea deals

The lawyers at The Chicagoland Law Firm represent clients in local, state and federal courts. We take on charges ranging from minor offenses and misdemeanors to serious felonies, seeking the best possible result whether that comes with the charges being dropped, a not-guilty verdict at trial, or a favorable plea agreement.

Our firm may provide counsel and representation for clients charged with:

• Domestic Violence

Domestic violence cases often involve people living in the same household, typically husband and wife or girlfriend and boyfriend. In Illinois, a first offense domestic battery is usually a Class A misdemeanor; however, it can also be charged as a felony if the defendant has a prior domestic battery conviction. The maximum penalty for a Class A misdemeanor is up to one year in jail and a fine of $2,500. A domestic battery charged as a Class 4 felony carries a sentence of 1 to 3 years in prison. Additionally, a domestic battery in Illinois cannot be expunged or sealed from your background and can have a long-lasting and negative impact on your life including your career and reputation.

There are several defenses to domestic battery that can be utilized to avoid a conviction. The Chicagoland Law Firm will carefully examine all possible defenses and determine the best course of action for you.

• Drug Offenses

Law enforcement in Illinois focuses heavily on drug-related crimes. Drug crimes are serious offenses that can result in extremely harsh punishments. There is tremendous pressure on law enforcement officials to conduct drug investigations and make arrests. Unfortunately, this can result in critical mistakes in conducting investigations, gathering evidence, and suspect interrogation that can have a significant impact on the viability of a prosecutor’s case. This happens more often than many may care to admit. It’s crucial that defendants understand that there may be an opportunity to find a favorable result.

If you have been charged with a drug crime, contact The Chicagoland Law Firm who will aggressively defend you and your rights.

• Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Driving under the influence of alcohol in Illinois is not a charge to be taken lightly. Illinois has increased the penalties for driving under the influence ranging from jail time, expensive fines and court costs, suspension or revocation of your driver’s license, a criminal record, and increased car insurance premiums. There is no reason to assume you will be convicted. In many cases, there are serious errors in police procedure, and we can get the case dismissed. For this reason, after an arrest, the first and most critical action is to contact our firm. Do not enter a courtroom without an attorney to represent you. Defending DUI takes experience, skill, and in-depth knowledge of all aspect of DUI law: testing devices, case law, the science behind breath and blood testing, as well as the law with regard to arrest procedure and probable cause. Our firm can seek out the defense opportunities in your case no matter what type of DUI case you are facing.

• Expungements and the Sealing of Criminal Records

A criminal record can have a significant impact on your personal and professional life. If you have ever been arrested, you likely have a criminal record even if the case was dismissed or you were never found guilty of the crime. A criminal record is accessible to the public including employers. Illinois has dramatically expanded the number of offenses, including felony offenses, that are eligible to be sealed. All misdemeanor and felony convictions are now eligible for sealing except DUI, reckless driving, domestic battery, violations of orders of protection, sex crimes, and crimes under the Humane Care for Animals Act. Expungement and sealing laws are complex and the process can be confusing.
Contact The Chicagoland Law Firm for a free evaluation of your criminal record and see if you are eligible for expungement or if you qualify for sealing.

• Juvenile Crimes

Nothing is more worrisome to a parent than having their child get into legal trouble. Parents want the best for their children and when they face legal trouble, helping them through the situation is crucial. Some people make the mistake of thinking that since a charge is against a minor, penalties will not be harsh, but this is not necessarily the case as Illinois authorities take juvenile crime seriously and may deliver harsh penalties. Beyond this, if the minor is approaching 18, authorities may seek to charge them as an adult.

Whether your child is guilty of a crime or was in the wrong place at the wrong time, you need a compassionate, committed, and professional attorney who can work with your family to guide you through the legal process and aggressively defend the case. Many good children make mistakes; however, penalties can adversely affect children for years to come. Their education and future careers may suffer as a result of being convicted.

Contact The Chicagoland Law Firm to discuss the many defense strategies that can be utilized to reduce charges and, in some cases, have the charges dismissed.

• Property Crimes

Property crimes such as arson, burglary, car theft, defacing public or private property, shoplifting, theft, trespassing, vandalism, and possession of stolen property are among the most commonly prosecuted crimes in Illinois. Consequences can range from probation to lengthy prison sentences depending on many factors, including the specific crime charged, the value of the property destroyed or stolen, whether violence was involved and whether any bodily injury resulted. It is vital that you have an experienced attorney to comb through the evidence and present the best possible defense for you. Call The Chicagoland Law Firm to schedule a free consultation.

• Reinstatement of Driver’s Licenses

A person seeking driving privileges after suspension or revocation in Illinois must apply for an informal or formal administrative hearing before the Secretary of State. These hearings can be complicated and confusing and leave no room for error. Whether seeking an RDP (i.e., work permit) or full reinstatement, we will be with you from the very beginning and ensure all required documents are properly prepared and submitted and ensure you understand what will be expected of you in the hearing.

• Robbery

Robbery is a serious crime in Illinois because it is a crime against a person, not just property. With robbery, the defendant is using force, violence, or fear to take property away from the victim, unlike larceny where no force is used and the victim is not aware of it. This is why it is a crime against a person and carries harsher penalties. Defending a charge of robbery may vary depending on the facts, but robbery is a serious charge that should not be taken lightly.

Contact The Chicagoland Law Firm for a free consultation to discuss the facts surrounding your charge and possible defenses.

• Sex Crimes

There are few crimes that cause as much turmoil as being accused of a sex offense. Immediate media attention is generally created, making it that much more difficult to protect a person’s rights. If you find yourself charged with a sex offense, consulting with an attorney knowledgeable in criminal law is essential. Some sex crimes have the harshest penalties, sometimes as severe as a murder charge. In addition to the possibility of lengthy prison sentences, the stigma of being a registered sex offender will say with a person, regardless of where they move in America for the rest of their lives. We pride ourselves in fighting hard for your innocence, and we know that just being accused of a sexual crime can cause significant hardship and shame. With the penalties involved and the possible lifelong stigma, it is critical to fight for your innocence.

In order to protect your rights, it is essential to begin your defense immediately. The stakes are high and aggressive measures must be taken right away to increase your chances of a successful outcome. By contacting our firm right away, we can get to work crafting a strong defense on your behalf.

• Traffic Violations

In Illinois, a police officer can cite you for violating various traffic laws and depending on the offense, penalties can include expensive fines, traffic school, suspension or revocation of your driver’s license, and possibly even jail time. The benefits of having an attorney represent you on a traffic ticket matter are to minimize the consequences and prevent a traffic conviction from appearing on your record.

If you have received a traffic citation or been charged with a traffic offense, call The Chicagoland Law Firm to schedule a free case evaluation.

• Violent Crimes

Violent crimes can include anything from threatening a person with violence to the actual use of physical force against a person. Illinois law doesn’t take kindly to violent crimes and treats many as felonies. Some violent crimes against a person are automatically felony crimes, such as robbery, while other crimes such as battery have aggravating factors that will elevate it from a misdemeanor to a felony. Furthermore, depending on the victim one may also be facing increased penalties. If the victim if 60 years or older, is vulnerable or is a child, one may be looking at longer jail/prison time and felony charges.

Crimes against the person range from the simple assault charge to one of the most heinous crimes of all, homicide. Even with such severe consequences, one facing charges of a violent crime against a person is still entitled to their Constitutional Rights, and the State must prove each crime by proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

Our firm knows that being charged with a violent crime can be a great hardship, mentally and legally. Contact The Chicagoland Law Firm to discuss your rights and your case.

• Weapons Offenses

Crimes involving the use of a weapon are taken seriously, and they can result in felony charges with mandatory imprisonment up to 30 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections. While more attention is given to gun law violations, severe penalties are also given to those who violate other weapons laws. With your freedom at stake, you will want to do everything possible to make sure your rights are protected.

If you are facing charges for a weapons offense, contact The Chicagoland Law Firm right away as you may be facing harsh punishment should you be convicted.

• White Collar Crimes

White collar crime is a name for crimes involving businesses, fraud, or forgery by people in positions of trust. A vast number of different crimes in Illinois are considered to be white collar crimes. Examples of white-collar crime include: forgery, identity theft, embezzlement, money laundering, check fraud, bank fraud, wire and mail fraud, bribery, racketeering influenced and corrupt organization act (RICO), conspiracy to commit RICO, conspiracy, mortgage fraud, health care fraud, computer crimes, investment and securities fraud and false billing and healthcare fraud. The state and federal government are very active in pursuing white collar crime convictions. These crimes are usually felony offenses which can destroy your ability to get employment in the future, in addition to carrying lengthy prison sentences, expensive fines, and restitution to victims.

Our dedicated legal team is capable of defending individuals against a wide range of criminal accusations.  Once we accept a case, we readily address any obstacles that arise.

Attentive attorneys advise clients throughout the criminal justice process

At The Chicagoland Law Firm, we are prepared to go the extra mile to seek the justice you deserve. Through meticulous preparation and strict attention to detail, our efforts focus on achieving the best possible outcome for you under the facts of your case. We speak with witnesses, comb through police records and thoroughly examine the alleged crime scene, if necessary. We may also bring in experts who challenge the prosecution and help us prepare trial strategy.

We know that nothing is more important than your freedom. If you need a defense attorney who is dedicated to your case, contact us today.

Contact determined Illinois attorneys to provide your criminal defense

If criminal charges have been filed against you or a loved one, choose a criminal defense team with the resources and experience to make a difference. Call The Chicagoland Law Firm at 630-550-5242 or contact us online to schedule a consultation. Our Downers Grove office stands ready to represent you in your criminal matter.