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Weed Still Illegal in Public Housing

Those receiving federal subsidies could find themselves out on the street if they are found using marijuana in public housing when recreational marijuana use becomes legal at the turn of the year.  That’s because the US government classes pot as a controlled substance, with penalties for possession and use. Owners and administrators at projects in the Land of Lincoln say they are bound by rules that include a ban on consumption for medicinal purposes, which became legal in Illinois four years ago.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development has affirmed its so-called one-strike guidelines as states around the country have adopted reforms. Recipients in some states have gone to court to fight eviction for pot use. However, none have succeeded in overcoming HUD’s zero-tolerance policy. Illinois will become the 11th state to lift restrictions on marijuana use on January 1st. A non-voting member of Congress from the District of Columbia has twice put forward a bill allowing the use of medical marijuana in federally funded projects, but that legislation has yet to make it to the floor of the House.