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Vaping Concerns Spark Legislative Action

With consumers of electronic cigarettes nationwide expriencing growing rates of death and disease, several Springfield legislators are readying bills that would restrict the types of products offered for sale in shops around the state. Chief among the targets are flavored vapors, with lawmakers looking to amend tobacco laws to embrace vaping products and to restrict online sales. According to the Department of Public Health, more than 175 people in Illinois have suffered from vaping-related illnesses. The state already has a number of laws in place that govern e-cigarettes.

A passel of Chicago Senators is behind a total ban on flavored products as part of a proposed ban on menthol cigarettes. Others want to group e-cigarettes with tobacco in smoke-free legislation that prohibits consumption near schools. Critics say the proposed rules would have a negative effect on small businesses, including convenience stores. And on public health, too, if contingencies aren’t made to wean users off their preferred flavors. They blame poor quality products and those laced with cannabis oil for the uptick in vaping illness. Lawmkers in August placed a smoking restriction on motorists carrying minors in their vehicles.