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Scott’s Law: State Increases Fines as Citations Climb

Drivers that fail to move over when they come upon emergency vehicles are getting ticketed by state police at a brisk clip. And starting this week, the fines for those violations are getting stiffer, too. This thanks to amendments to the so-called Scott’s Law that is designed to protect first responders on Illinois roads.

Also known as, the Move Over law, the changes implemented in 2017 to Illinois Vehicle Code require drivers cut their speed and proceed with caution when they encounter emergency vehicles, including moving lanes to provide first responders with ample room to do their jobs.  The new schedule increases fines for first-time violators, who also must pay a $250 surcharge for driver education. Drivers who damage property or cause injury now face automatic jail time.

Named for a Chicago firefighter killed by a drunk driver in 2000, the law has gotten more attention of late from Illinois cops after three troopers were struck down by motorists. State Police report a 750 percent increase in the number of tickets written this year for Scott’s Law infractions. In addition, they are also checking whether drivers are using their cell phones while on the road, in violation of a new law on distracted driving that took effect July 1st.