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Lightfoot Urges Lighter Approach to Cannabis in Cars

With recreational marijuana use becoming legal in Illinois at the turn of the year, Chicago’s mayor wants cops to lighten up on drivers found with weed in their vehicles. Democrat Lori Lightfoot’s initiative would cut fines and train CPD officers on new methods for investigation and enforcement. She also wants the city to stop its practice of impounding cars when pot is found during traffic stops. She said the changes will address policies that have disporportionately affected the city’s minority population.

The state’s impending marijuana rules compel motorists to keep pot in sealed containers. They also cannot consume the drug in places where smoking tobacco is banned. Another law that comes into force on January 1st restricts smoking on state roadways. The city council still must vote on proposals that include revised penalties of $50 for first offenses and $100 for additional offenses within 30 days from the respective $250 and $500 levies that currently are in place.