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Legislator Crafting Employment Regime for Medical Marijuana

Pressed by constituents that have come under fire on the job for using doctor-prescribed cannabis, a state representative wants to afford them protection as Illinois enters the era of recreational legalization. Democrat Bob Morgan, from the 58th District on Chicago’s North Shore, will introduce a bill in the spring session that prevents employers from firing patients that fail drug tests. Companies still are working out how to deal with dope and can require that  employees abstain.

The state’s former marijuana czar, Morgan worked to craft the Illinois medical marijuana regime ahead of its 2014 introduction. The representative told reporters that he’s routinely consulted by teachers who’ve been prescribed the drug. State law allows students to use medical cannabis on campus but otherwise prohibits consumption. Morgan’s bill will allow holders of medical cannabis cards to use the drug when off the clock. Non-medical use would be subject to conditions set by employers.