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Judicial Missteps Mean Resentencing for Former Chicago Cop

A bent cop who saw bids for a reduction in jail time denied in district court will be resentenced thanks to a ruling that revives an appeal over changes that affect his case. Former Chicago Police Department Officer Alex Guerrero, who got almost 20 years for faking busts and turning the recoverd dope and guns over to a street gaing, is seeking retroactive relief under an amendment to US Sentencing Guidelines adopted after his 2013 conviction that reduces jail time for drug offenders. The ruling in the Appeals Court for the 7th Circuit supersedes denials by judges in the lower court that rested on interpretation and procedure.

Guerrero supplied prosecutors with material support after he was busted in 2011 for trafficking with the Latin Kings street gang. While he bargained successfully for a reduction in jail time, that fact wasn’t noted at sentencing. After Amendment 782 passed in 2014 and cut guidance for drug offenses, Guerrero sought to have the change applied. In affirming the twice-denied request, the appellate court cited case law and court records showing that bench decisions failed to account for Guerrero’s assistance in gang prosecutions. And that a plainly worded request for legal assistance was misinterpreted as a motion, exhausting his avenue for petitioning the district court to change the sentence.