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Judge Tosses Evidence Obtained in CPD Terry Stop

A suspected drug trafficker will walk thanks to a ruling federal court that Chicago cops violated his Fourth Amendment rights during a 2017 stop-and-frisk operation. Terrence Hammonds spent two years awaiting trial after allegedly spitting out a bag of heroin as he was approached by police, who made the so-called Terry stop based on his brother’s criminal record. Cops contended the investigatory stop was consensual while the Chicago man challenged the arrest on Constitutional grounds.

Hammonds was subsequently named along with his brother and four others in a 22-count federal indictment. However, US District Judge Andrea Wood ruled that cops lacked reasonable suspicion to question Hammonds. She suppressed evidence prosecutors said linked Hammonds to the conspiracy because it was seized illegally. Named for a landmark Supreme Court case, Terry stops are among the aggressive CPD practices that have come under fire from activists.