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Judge Sides With Jury in CPD Civil Rights Case

A man who claims Chicago cops detained him illegally can move to collect $750,000 in damages after a judge in federal court said the determination of witness credibility lied with the jury that rendered the verdict in his civil rights claim. In denying a motion to dismiss the case as a matter of law, US District Court Judge Virginia Kendall said from her seat in the Northern District for Illinois that the decision to choose Anthony Tucker’s version of events around his 2014 arrest on murder and robbery charges wasn’t hers. Tucker was acquitted at a bench trial and filed suit under Section 1983 of the Civil Rights Act alleging unlawful detention before the case went to court.

Tucker and the detectives in the case offered what the judge described as ‘competing narratives’ of what took place a week after the shooting in West Garfield Park. Tucker says cops lacked probable cause, pressuring witnesses and manipulating lineups to build the case against him, A jury awarded him compensatory damages at a trial in 2019. In denying the motion to dismiss, she said the jury had ample evidence with which to render its verdict. She must rule on a defense request for a mistrial before Tucker can recieve the payout.