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Heresay Ruled Admissible in Cook County Conviction

An unsolicited remark made to a police officer can be used as evidence at trial, according to the First District Appellate Court, which last month stayed a Cook County murder conviction based in part on that evidence. The three-member panel concurred that the state had met its burden of proof in relating a statement Terell Davison made when he was arrested in connection with a 2012 shooting on Chicago’s South Side. Davison hadn’t yet been Mirandized when he told cops “he was glad he was caught because he was sick of running” as they took him in for the murder of Anthony Jones in a Golden Gate parking lot months before. Davison first moved to have testimony about the statement suppressed at his 2013 trial. He then claimed that his expression of relief was in response to police questioning after Cook County District Judge William Ely ruled it permissible. Davison, who is serving a 50-year enhanced sentence for the crime, also claimed he wasn’t permitted to confront the informant who provided police with names of suspects.