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Gun Dealers, State Yet to Act on Certification

With fewer than half of the 2,300 gun dealers in Illinois complying with state certification rules, gun rights advocates are pressing the state to drop its licensing regime. According to the Illinois State Rifle Association, some 1,100 of its federally licensed members have been forced to curtail sales to comply with the Gun Dealer License Certification Act. The organization, along with eight gun shops around the state, filed suit to block legislation that went into effect last month.

While the mechanics of the licensing regime remains the province of state police, the act requires dealers to pay a $1,500 annual fee to sell guns in the state. They also must rig their shops with closed-circuit television cameras and maintain electronic records of their gun sales, which the association and its members contend is excessive regulation. Gov. J.B. Pritzker, who signed the legislation in January, calls the act “a work in progress” and hopes the regime will be in place by year-end.