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Detail Keys Reversal in Eighth Amendment Appeal

An inmate who suffered needlessly with a medical condition will see his civil rights suit proceed against a doctor working for the private contractor that provides healthcare for the Illinois Department of Corrections. This after appellate judges in the US 7th Circuit said a summary judgement granted in district court contains ample evidence that Dr. Kul Sood might have willfully resisted Damon Goodloe’s pleas for the consultation with an outside specialist that led to his cure. Goodloe, who took to documenting his complaints in writing as his lower-abdominal discomfort escalated in 2014, sued over protections granted to prisoners against by the 8th Amendment.

He suffered for more than a year with a bowel disorder at the Hill Correctional Center and then saw a cancelled consulation not rescheduled until months afterward — an error that the district court said couldn’t be blamed on Sood. However, the appeals panel decided a jury might support Goodloe’s claim of deliberate indifference after reviewing case records. Judges said Goodloe’s attention to detail in documenting his care showed that Sood’s role as his primary physician at the Galesburg facility would not escape scrutiny at trial. Sood’s supervisor at suit-prone Wexford Health Services ducked charges, despite having been briefed several times on Goodloe’s condition.