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CPD Changes to Stop-and-Frisk Fail to Come Up With the Goods

Despite significant declines in number, the majority of stop-and-frisk operations conducted by Chicago cops still disproportionately target minority groups. This according a report by the American Civil Liberties Union that details the impact of reforms to the investigatory stops that the Chicago Police Department uses to combat street crime. Incorporating a package of procedural, training and data collection changes, the CPD’s shift came in response to a 2014 settlement reached with the ACLU. The group documented evidence that showed the department routinely violated the state’s Civil Rights Act in it treatment of black and Hispanic residents.

While the number of stop-and-frisk operations fell by over a 1.1 million just two years after reforms were implemented, blacks accounted for over 70 percent of the more than 210,000 people subjected to warrantless searches. Unsurprisingly, the former federal magistrate who conducted the review wrote that trust among minorities in the CPD remains lamentably low. Social justice warriors are challenging the department’s methods in court, including the investigative alerts that let cops make arrests without witnessing suspects in the commission of criminal acts. The CPD has vowed to close gaps in oversight, including a policy of letting cops freely revise reports about thier so-called Terry stops.