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Free Speech Upheld by Federal Court Injunction

A US District Court judge’s ruling on protected speech means that state and local cops for now must stop giving beggars the bum’s rush from Illinois curbsides. Robert Gettleman sided with two men who say that that cops in Downers Grove unfairly target them when they are exercising their Constitutional rights. He issued an order… Read More »

Access and Arguments Get E-Boost from State’s Highest Court

The Illinois Supreme Court is embracing the electronic age more fully with initiatives aimed streamlining procedure and the provision of records. Among them, allowing attorneys to use electronic devices when presenting evidence in oral arguments before the court and new rules around remote access on the re:SearchIL electronic records repository. Both changes go into effect… Read More »

Are IDs for Gun Owners Unconstitutional?

An appeals panel in Springfield won’t say, but judges agree that Second Amendment advocates make a compelling argument. That’s because few states are as restrictive as Illinois when it comes to gun ownership. Further, the 4th District Appellate Court said the state hasn’t yet proved that Firearms Ownership Identity Cards are beneficial to the wellbeing… Read More »

Motion Faults State for Prison Mental Health Standards

Advocates are aiming to hold the state of Illinois in contempt for failure to comply with federal court order to shore up facilities and improve standards of treatment for prison inmates with mental illness. They filed a motion US District Court asking Judge Micheal Mihm to compel the state’s private-sector contractor for prison system healthcare… Read More »

Vaping Concerns Spark Legislative Action

With consumers of electronic cigarettes nationwide expriencing growing rates of death and disease, several Springfield legislators are readying bills that would restrict the types of products offered for sale in shops around the state. Chief among the targets are flavored vapors, with lawmakers looking to amend tobacco laws to embrace vaping products and to restrict… Read More »

Do Crooked Politicians Deserve Longer Jail Sentences?

A state representative thinks so, calling for five years to be added on to felony minimums in corruption convictions involving elected officials. Rep. David McSweeney says his bill would work to deter corrupt practices that cost taxpayers in the Land of Lincoln. It comes amid a wave of investigations by federal authorities into alleged malfeasance… Read More »

Chicago Cops Get Guidance on Clearing More Murders

Looking to lift its lamentably low rate of solved homicides, the Chicago Police Department will take up recommendations from a Washington, D.C., consultancy that call for adding detectives and updating the department’s outdated methods. According to the Police Executive Research Forum, the CPD stands to solve more murders if it creates a dedicated homicide bureau, improves… Read More »

Should Felons Be Permitted to Own Guns?

Appellate judges in the First District believe so, provided they’ve cleaned up their acts and can demonstrate the need. Nevertheless, they say a conflicting conflagration of state and federal laws makes it impossible for them to override denials issued by the Illinois State Police. As such, a Chicago man whose application for a Firearm Owner’s… Read More »

Suit Aims at Arsenal of Cop Cleared in Southside Shooting

A lawsuit filed against Chicago cops exonerated in the 2016 killing of a funeral-goer on a Mount Greenwood street will hinge in part on the cache of weapons that the off-duty officer at the center of the shooting kept in violation of department policy. Attorneys for the girlfriend of Joshua Beal say that the weapon… Read More »

Federal Court Cements Illinois Facebook Suit

A federal appeals court has given the go-ahead to a class action lawsuit brought by Facebook users in Illinois who contend that the site’s facial-recognition technology violates their right to privacy. The Ninth District Appeals Court upheld the right of Illinois users to pursue their claim that a suggested-tagging feature contravenes the Biometric Information Protection… Read More »