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Category Archives: Marijuana Law

Lack of Convictions Spurs Search for Pot Test

Low numbers of arrests for driving high are perplexing the Illinois State Police, who are considering changes to the way they test for marijuana use behind the wheel. The search is on for a saliva test that can let cops know when a driver has consumed the drug. The kit would augment training that troopers… Read More »

Petition Lets Prosecutors Bypass Pot Bust Bureaucracy

Prosecutors in Illinois are getting an end-around around a seemingly endless paper shuffle as they move to absolve low-level pot offenders in the era of legal weed. A provision for motions to vacate and expunge records contained in the guiding legislation for legalized recreational use of the drug lets state’s attorneys skip steps in clearing some… Read More »

Does Legal Weed Affect Probable Cause?

Justices in the state Supreme Court are considering whether and how the decriminalization of cannabis possession changes rules that let police in Illinois execute on-the-spot searches absent a judicial warrant. The case, involving a man charged with cocaine possession after Marion County cops detected what they said was marijuana in his vehicle and executed a… Read More »

Era of Legal Weed Opens with Pot Pardons

More than 11,000 residents saw their records cleared of convictions for minor marijuana offenses as Illinois became the 11th state to legalize recreational use of the drug. Officials from the city and state gathered on New Year’s Day at a church on Chicago’s South Side to celebrate the end of what Gov. J.B. Pritzker called… Read More »

Legislator Crafting Employment Regime for Medical Marijuana

Pressed by constituents that have come under fire on the job for using doctor-prescribed cannabis, a state representative wants to afford them protection as Illinois enters the era of recreational legalization. Democrat Bob Morgan, from the 58th District on Chicago’s North Shore, will introduce a bill in the spring session that prevents employers from firing… Read More »

Expungment of Pot Convictions Begins in Cook County

Cook County State’s Attorney Kimberley Foxx made good her promise to clear the court records of those convicted of marijuana offenses, filing motions in the first 1,000 of what officials say could be as many as 700,000 cases ahead of legalization of the drug for recreational use. Calling the effort the most equitable justice reform… Read More »

Appeals Court Upholds Return of Cash in Pot Bust

A Joliet man is getting the $940 he lost to city cops when they found him in possession of a small amount of marijuana thanks to a ruling in the 3rd District Appellate Court. Anthony Alexander was never criminally charged when police executed a 2017 arrest warrant and seized the cash along with 4.5 grams… Read More »

Weed Still Illegal in Public Housing

Those receiving federal subsidies could find themselves out on the street if they are found using marijuana in public housing when recreational marijuana use becomes legal at the turn of the year.  That’s because the US government classes pot as a controlled substance, with penalties for possession and use. Owners and administrators at projects in… Read More »

Lightfoot Urges Lighter Approach to Cannabis in Cars

With recreational marijuana use becoming legal in Illinois at the turn of the year, Chicago’s mayor wants cops to lighten up on drivers found with weed in their vehicles. Democrat Lori Lightfoot’s initiative would cut fines and train CPD officers on new methods for investigation and enforcement. She also wants the city to stop its… Read More »

Cannabis Conflicts Among Targets of Proposed Ethics Panel

A state representative is proposing a policymaking body that would aim at ending corrupt practices in the legislature that she contends range from campaign finance to the state’s emerging cannabis industry. Rep. Tony McCombie’s call for the creation a State Ethics Task Force follows in the wake of FBI raids on the home and offices of the… Read More »