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Category Archives: Immigration Law

No Torture Relief in Immigration Order Appeal

An illegal alien who claimed that a return to her native Mexico would place her in danger will be going home after a panel of judges sided with immigration officials and declined to review her case. Elvira Garcia-Arce sought relief under the United Nations Convention against Torture, saying gang harassment and a family member who’d… Read More »

AGs Center Immigration Brief on States Rights

Attorneys General from around the country are banding together to stop federal agents from arresting illegal immigrants at state courthouses. In an amicus brief filed in Seattle, they say that a federal policy of invading courtrooms to apprehend undocumented immigrants violates state sovereignty. The AG there is asking a district court judge to stop the… Read More »

Burgeoning Backlog Delays Chicagoland Immigration Cases

Immigrants in Chicago are waiting upwards of four years to appear before a judge thanks to President Donald Trump’s crackdown on asylum seekers, according to a report from a records repository that monitors the American judicial system. Researchers from Syracuse University say that the 1,336-day wait at Chicago’s Immingration Court is has doubled since Trump… Read More »

Federal Court Bound by State on Immigration Appeal

Immigration rules take precedence over religious freedom, according to justices in the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, who upheld a lower court decision that banned an African divinity student from entry into the US. Ernest Odei was deemed by immigration officials to be holding an improper visa when he arrived from Ghana in 2017. He… Read More »

Cook County Suit Stops Feds on Immigration

Claims that taxpayers will be left out of pocket from changes to immigration practices sought by the Trump Administration are enough to block their enforcement, according to a Northern Distrct Court decision that adds to the judicial dissent nationwide over so-called ‘public charge’ rules. Set to go into effect this month, the changes grant federal authorities… Read More »

Judges Push Back on Immigration Crackdown

Judges in Illinois and across the country are fighting the fallout from President Donald Trump’s efforts to curb illegal immigration, with Chicago among the centers of dissent. In the Northern District of Illinois, Judge Harry Leinenweber cited 10th Amendment rules on separation of powers in rejecting Department of Justice attempts to place conditions on a federal grant… Read More »

Grammar Takes Precedence in Immigration Classification

A foreign national who contends she was abused by her American husband can pursue citizenship after a federal judge in Chicago ruled that the fact the couple did not live together after they were married is not enough to deny a claim of priority status. Citing the rules of English grammar alongside case law, US… Read More »