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Category Archives: Criminal Defense

Sheriff Liable for Unsanitary Conditions at Lake County Lockup

A federal appeals court has ruled that government officials in Lake County must face charges that they deprived detainees of their Constitutional right to due process when they cut off water for three days at a correctional facility in Waukegan. The three-member panel of judges upheld the decision by a judge in the US 7th… Read More »

Murder Charge for Teens in Accomplice’s Death

The Lake County State’s Attorney is charging five teens with murder when another of their number took a bullet in the head during a failed robbery in Chicago’s northern suburbs. A homeowner fired the shot that killed the 14-year-old on August 13th but Michael Nerheim says said the crime fits a statute that holds perps… Read More »

Bring Back the Death Penalty?

Illinois Rep. David McSweeney thinks reinstatement’s worth pursuing. Prompted by recent mass shootings in Texas and Ohio, the Barrington Hills Republican told reporters that he intends to sponsor a bill to restore capital punishment as a vehicle for curbing violent crime in the Windy City. Almost 50 Chicagoans were killed or injured by gunfire the weekend… Read More »

Supreme Court Affirms Felony Charges for Shoplifters

Shoplifters in Illinois may be classed as burglars, according to a ruling handed down Aug. 1st by the state’s Supreme Court. In upholding the conviction of a man who stole $70 worth of children’s clothing from a Rock Falls Walmart, the high court said that prosecutors who can demonstrate intent may seek tougher sentences in… Read More »

Bail Reform in Chicago Centers on Guns

As the Illinois judiciary and civil rights advocates hash out reform of the state’s unwieldy policies around money bail, officials and police in Cook County and the City of Chicago are hanging their differences on guns. Specifically, whether allowing those awaiting trial on weapons charges to walk free increases the risk to the at-large public. The… Read More »

Scott’s Law: State Increases Fines as Citations Climb

Drivers that fail to move over when they come upon emergency vehicles are getting ticketed by state police at a brisk clip. And starting this week, the fines for those violations are getting stiffer, too. This thanks to amendments to the so-called Scott’s Law that is designed to protect first responders on Illinois roads. Also… Read More »