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Category Archives: Criminal Defense

Gang Moll’s Harassment Appeal Fails in 7th Circuit

A Centralia woman’s claim that cops acted maliciously when they pressed her on threatening social media posts didn’t sit well with justices in the Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit, which upheld a summary judgement for the city and the officer who brought felony intimidation charges. Shirlena Barnes shouted epithets and wrote Facebook posts… Read More »

Felony Murder Appeal Dies in US Supreme Court

The Illinois law that makes liable those who cause another’s death in the commission of a forcible crime stands after the US Supreme Court declined to hear the petition of a Chicago man convicted of so-called felony murder. The decision by justices at the nation’s highest court means that John Givens will continue to serve… Read More »

Appeal Fails Strickland Test in CPD Miranda Ruling

A felon who said counsel failed him by opting to withdraw a motion for suppression of evidence failed to prove his case in the 7th Circuit Appellate Court, where judges ruled that he’d have been convicted regardless of comments made to a Chicago cop after a foot chase. Walter Ross voluntereed that knew nothing about… Read More »

Panel Again Faults Judge in Second Sentencing Appeal

A felon who punched a cop during a weapons arrest will see his time in jail reduced thanks to a panel of judges in the 7th Circuit Appellate Court, who remanded his case for a second time after judges in district court failed to adequately explain their sentencing decisions. Brandon Schoffner earned the same seven-year… Read More »

CPD Terry Stop Stands in Armed Offender Appeal

A Chicago man’s failure to comply provided justification for admitting into evidence the semi-automatic pistol that earned him a prison term as an armed habitual criminal, according to the 1st District Appellate Court. Judges there affirmed a Cook County circuit decision to let stand the Terry stop of DeAndre McMichaels, who challenged the CPD violated… Read More »

Late Motion Denies Career Criminal Sentencing Review

A panel of federal judges say an Illinois man must serve more than 21 years in jail after affirming calculations in a 2010 plea deal that won him a reduced sentence were properly made. James Hanson argued he shouldn’t be saddled with a career-offender enhancement, even as felony priors were omitted for the purpose of… Read More »

Split Court Bites on Chokehold Appeal

An accused dealer will be retried after appellate court judges in the 3rd District found cops used “unpermitted force” when they pried a cache of crack cocaine from his mouth during a 2016 traffic stop. Cops admitted to grabbing Quennell Augusta by the throat after they pulled him over in Galesburg for failing to signal —… Read More »

Accepting Responsibility Earns Sentence Reduction

A federal judge must revisit the sentence given a convicted felon, who won favor with the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals for taking the rap on a weapons charge. Arthur Robinson didn’t contest that cops found a pistol on his lap when they came upon him asleep at the wheel at an East St. Louis stoplight in… Read More »

Probation Officers Needed to Cope with Bail Reform

So says Cook County’s top judge, who wants to add 70 positions next year in order to reduce the burden on the circuit court system that must monitor alleged criminals before they go to trial. Chief Judge Timothy Evans intends to devote additional funds to oversight in 2020, provided county supervisors approve his proposed $265… Read More »

Judge Tosses Evidence Obtained in CPD Terry Stop

A suspected drug trafficker will walk thanks to a ruling federal court that Chicago cops violated his Fourth Amendment rights during a 2017 stop-and-frisk operation. Terrence Hammonds spent two years awaiting trial after allegedly spitting out a bag of heroin as he was approached by police, who made the so-called Terry stop based on his brother’s… Read More »