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Category Archives: Criminal Defense

Split Court Bites on Chokehold Appeal

An accused dealer will be retried after appellate court judges in the 3rd District found cops used “unpermitted force” when they pried a cache of crack cocaine from his mouth during a 2016 traffic stop. Cops admitted to grabbing Quennell Augusta by the throat after they pulled him over in Galesburg for failing to signal —… Read More »

Accepting Responsibility Earns Sentence Reduction

A federal judge must revisit the sentence given a convicted felon, who won favor with the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals for taking the rap on a weapons charge. Arthur Robinson didn’t contest that cops found a pistol on his lap when they came upon him asleep at the wheel at an East St. Louis stoplight in… Read More »

Probation Officers Needed to Cope with Bail Reform

So says Cook County’s top judge, who wants to add 70 positions next year in order to reduce the burden on the circuit court system that must monitor alleged criminals before they go to trial. Chief Judge Timothy Evans intends to devote additional funds to oversight in 2020, provided county supervisors approve his proposed $265… Read More »

Judge Tosses Evidence Obtained in CPD Terry Stop

A suspected drug trafficker will walk thanks to a ruling federal court that Chicago cops violated his Fourth Amendment rights during a 2017 stop-and-frisk operation. Terrence Hammonds spent two years awaiting trial after allegedly spitting out a bag of heroin as he was approached by police, who made the so-called Terry stop based on his brother’s… Read More »

Judicial Misstep Wins Convict New Trial

A former attorney convicted in a murder-for-hire scheme will receive a new trial after an appellate court ruled that his request for a different Will County judge should have been granted. According to the panel in the Third District, Daniel Rozlak of the 13th Circuit abused his discretion by failing to step aside after Robert… Read More »

CPD Changes to Stop-and-Frisk Fail to Come Up With the Goods

Despite significant declines in number, the majority of stop-and-frisk operations conducted by Chicago cops still disproportionately target minority groups. This according a report by the American Civil Liberties Union that details the impact of reforms to the investigatory stops that the Chicago Police Department uses to combat street crime. Incorporating a package of procedural, training… Read More »

Judicial Mails and Missteps Invite Federal Resentencing

A judge’s correspondence with former colleagues outside of his federal courtroom is enough to undermine more than just the jail term handed an admitted drug dealer, according to a panel of his peers in the Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit. Judges in Chicago ruled that the gangland leader should be resentenced for a… Read More »

HIPPA Appeal Sets DUI Precedent in 7th Circuit

By denying an Indiana man’s claims that doctors and cops violated his right to privacy when they shared results of a hospital blood test, appellate judges in the US 7th Circuit drew a bright line for the treatment of patient information in drunk-driving arrests. Tyquan Stewart landed in Fort Wayne’s Parkview Hospital after wrecking his… Read More »

Loose Lips Lead to Long Stretch

A cop’s verbal challenge can’t be classed as a Constitutional rights violation, even if the response leads to an arrest. This according to judges in federal court, who upheld a Chicago man’s conviction on weapons charges that resulted from a hurried encounter with police in a South Side parking lot. Thanks to priors, David Holly’s… Read More »

Supreme Court STOPs Sentence in Gangland Gun Appeal

A convicted killer will see a reduction in jail time after the state Supreme Court ruled that prosecutors must do more than simply identify street gangs by name when drawing associations at trial. In a split decision, justices ruled in favor of a claim by an admitted member of the Latin Kings that the state… Read More »