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Ballistics Support Appeal of Attempted Murder Charge

A Garfield Park man will be re-sentenced after an appellate panel ruled that the evidence used to win a conviction in 2011 for the attempted murder of a Chicago cop failed to prove his guilt. Judges in the 1st District cited bad ballistics and police testimony in remanding Donta Hudson’s case to the Cook County Circuit Court. He faced a host of other charges, including being an armed habitual criminal, that were rolled into the attempted murder rap. The three-member panel instructed he be sentenced based on the most serious of those offenses.

Officer Lloyd Maxwell ID’d Hudson as the man reported with a gun on Kedzie Ave. and said Hudson pointed a pistol and jerked is arm twice as if in recoil as he fled. Maxwell gave chase and cornered Hudson outside the apartment on West Maypole Ave. where a gun later was found. Despite Maxwell’s testimony that he heard no shots and a CPD ballistics expert saying he couldn’t tell if the gun had been fired, Judge Maura Slattery-Boyle disregarded case law and gave Hudson 25 years. An associate of Hudson’s, Albert Davis, who was found inside the apartment despite being unknown to its occupant, also had a burglary conviction handed down by Slattery-Boyle reversed on appeal in 2017.