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Are Cops in Chicago Camera Shy?

The city’s Office of Inspector General says so, according to a report that found them failing to follow departmental guidelines for body-worn cameras. The compliance evaluation, published July 30th is a litany of laxity in supervision and review across the city’s seven districts. It says that cops routinely go unpunished for failing to turn the cameras on, as they’re required to… Read More »

Predictive Scheduling Ordinance Passes Chicago Council

Workers’ rights in the Windy City got a boost on July 23rd with the passage of an ordinance that penalizes employers who fail to provide adequate scheduling notice to their employees. Dubbed the Chicago Fair Work Week Ordinance, the act is aimed at providing protections to salaried and hourly workers and takes effect in July of next year. Under the… Read More »

Scott’s Law: State Increases Fines as Citations Climb

Drivers that fail to move over when they come upon emergency vehicles are getting ticketed by state police at a brisk clip. And starting this week, the fines for those violations are getting stiffer, too. This thanks to amendments to the so-called Scott’s Law that is designed to protect first responders on Illinois roads. Also… Read More »