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Court Clarifies Sentencing Rules in Cook County Appeal

The stiffer penalty applies when judges consider enhancements to the sentences they hand out in criminal convictions, according to First District Appellate Court judges, who reduced the jail time given a Cook County man for a 2011 shooting. While it did not reverse the consecutive sentences for attempted murder in the case against Alvis Holley,… Read More »

Heresay Ruled Admissible in Cook County Conviction

An unsolicited remark made to a police officer can be used as evidence at trial, according to the First District Appellate Court, which last month stayed a Cook County murder conviction based in part on that evidence. The three-member panel concurred that the state had met its burden of proof in relating a statement Terell… Read More »

Federal Court Cements Illinois Facebook Suit

A federal appeals court has given the go-ahead to a class action lawsuit brought by Facebook users in Illinois who contend that the site’s facial-recognition technology violates their right to privacy. The Ninth District Appeals Court upheld the right of Illinois users to pursue their claim that a suggested-tagging feature contravenes the Biometric Information Protection… Read More »

High Bar Set for Pot Plantations

The state’s commercial marijuana growers will be held to some of the most stringent standards for energy use in the country when Illinois becomes the 11th US state to permit recreational use on January 1st. Caveats on water conservation also fall under the Marijuana Regulation and Tax Act, signed by Gov. J.B. Pritzker in June…. Read More »

Settlement Reached in Landmark School Suicide

School and city officials in Naperville have agreed to pay the family of an honor student who killed himself $250,000 to settle a dispute over aggressive policing that led to a statewide rules change. The parents of 16-year-old Corey Walgren had sought to make both cops and district liable for the boy’s 2017 suicide, which… Read More »

Cop Ducks Civil Rights Charge in Recruit Clubbing

Police brutality may begin in training in the city of Chicago but a civil suit over the use of excessive force holds no standing in the US 7th Circuit. This after a recruit failed prove his case against the instructor who inadvertently coldcocked him with a metal baton in a training exercise. Judge Robert Dow… Read More »

New Wage Protections for Illinois Workers

The State of Illinois is empowering the Attorney General’s office to take criminal action against employers who engage in unfair labor practices. Gov. J.B. Pritzker last week signed the act, which will create a task force to investigate violations of the state’s employment laws. The measure is aimed at misclassification of workers by their employers… Read More »

A Clean Slate for Cannabis Offenders in Cook County

Among the many with a Chicago pot bust? If so, your name could be cleared when Illinois grants permission for recreational marijuana use in January. Under a plan put forward by State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, records in Cook County will be wiped clean of hundreds of thousands of petty convictions when it becomes legal to light… Read More »

Smoking Restricted on Illinois Roads

Drivers in Illinois are being forced to curb their smoking habit with children in the car or to face a fine if they’re caught lighting up. A new law makes it illegal to smoke in the presence of minors when travelling the state’s roadways. Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed legislation last week that will cover passengers,… Read More »

Graffiti Inadmissible in Belleville Murder Trial

Writing on the wall carries no weight with the Illinois 5th District Appellate Court, according to a ruling issued last week that treats graffiti found in a holding cell as inadmissible in a Belleville murder trial. Prosecutors sought to present the daubing as a de facto admission of guilt in the case of Samuel Johnson,… Read More »