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Access and Arguments Get E-Boost from State’s Highest Court

The Illinois Supreme Court is embracing the electronic age more fully with initiatives aimed streamlining procedure and the provision of records. Among them, allowing attorneys to use electronic devices when presenting evidence in oral arguments before the court and new rules around remote access on the re:SearchIL electronic records repository. Both changes go into effect in the New Year, according to justices, with state courts linking to the system required to post written orders as they are issued.

Lawyers must provide advanced notice if they’re to use devices like tablets, laptops and cellphones in the courtroom for references, notation and internet searches. They cannot be used to record proceedings and spectators remain prohibited from using devices while attending court sessions. Meanwhile, a Remote Access Policy segregates users and cases by type across 86 counties integrated with an electronic filing platform, called eFileIL, that launched in 2017. Attorneys licensed in the state will pilot the new records operation before it is opened to the general public at mid-year.