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Accepting Responsibility Earns Sentence Reduction

A federal judge must revisit the sentence given a convicted felon, who won favor with the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals for taking the rap on a weapons charge. Arthur Robinson didn’t contest that cops found a pistol on his lap when they came upon him asleep at the wheel at an East St. Louis stoplight in 2016. However, he loudly voiced his objection after District Court Judge David Herndon refused to consider the admission of guilt when slapping Robinson with a 188-month jail term.

Robinson appealed the stretch, reiterating his contention that keeping the gun left by a passenger likely prevented a more serious crime when the man he’d offered a ride to got into a confrontation in a bar parking lot. While judges said Herndon was correct in classing Robinson as an armed career criminal. They cited a transcript of the exchange in ruling that Robinson’s outburst wasn’t enough to deny him a reduction in the points that are used to calculate jail time in US Sentencing Guidelines. They also cited case law in rebuking the US Attorney for the Southern District of Illinois, whose reading of Robinson’s testimony they called ‘a red herring’.